Educated Black People and the National Black Law Student Association: What I Think About Both

From Dr. Boyce Watkins

In the video below, I talk about my upcoming appearance at the National Black Law Students Association conference, as well as ways that African Americans can learn the difference between going to school and being educated.  There is also a difference between being free and being INDEPENDENT, which many educated African Americans may want to consider.

Many of us end up missing our true calling because we’ve allowed someone else to tell us how to live.  I would  like to share some ideas on how to have a life worth living.

You can watch the video by clicking here.




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One response to “Educated Black People and the National Black Law Student Association: What I Think About Both

  1. UKnowTTrugh

    You are on the right track…kill that giant. They are sitting by and allowing these demise or extention of the “Black Male”. I am fighting for my two son’s by entering Law School and keeping tabs on that behind. Raise your children, please. And, Dr. Boyce the other day I was too tired to deal with your comment on the Single Black Woman in the Church. She better try to get her behind somewhere and sit down and get an education. You, me and anyone can only be control by the creator who designed it. Stop taking shots and be open minded it just a place for a princess to educate, raise her children with morals, intergrity with a villagee of help. I have no idea where you are going to visit but, listen where I attend “leadership builds the people and the people build the church” great kids, and holdsome single women and men. Yea…we act stupid but the question is who is raising you determines your destiny. Dr. Boyce just did not drop out of the sky and become Dr. Boyce it was “(developed) learning and caring on mankind and, you did not get there overnight (process)”. Some people just miss the basic and I mean the basics LIFE 101.

    They have no right to educated themselve and let there community die and I will vote for you a President when Obama time is up…help them get there mind right and protect and serve.

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