Dr. Boyce Random Thought of the Day – 3/6/11

You may not be the best, but you can at least make sure you always try your best. Life is too short to be mediocre, and it is certainly too short to give up.


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One response to “Dr. Boyce Random Thought of the Day – 3/6/11

  1. There is one point missing in today’s churches and that is “LOVE’. No one love with a ‘pure heart’, but what they can get or get into someone’s bed. The minsters or pastors which ever you would like to assign the position. They are standing in the chancellor area and walking right into some young lady’s or some young man’s bedroom because he/she is available and without a mate. They are lower their standards and morals for a one night thrill. whom do we trust??? Not mankind, but God. We are in a society does not care or consciecous of what the Bible speaks anymore. We commit sin right in the church, do we not? Yong ladies and gentlemen don’t lower your morals, standards, integrity, or defile your character for a one night thrill. Before you act: “Ask God did He enjoy the one night thrill and act of false love you just involve???? Believe me He will answer!!!

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