Why You May Not Want Your Sons to Play Football: The Rocky Clark Story

Rocky Clark

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action 

When I read about the case of Rocky Clark, the former high school football player who is now paralyzed from the neck down, part of me cries on the inside.  His accident makes me think about my own uncle (who was like an older brother and very close to me), who was paralyzed after a car accident two years ago.  I also think about the countless young men who hit the football field every year, rolling the dice in hopes that they don’t end up like Rocky.


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3 responses to “Why You May Not Want Your Sons to Play Football: The Rocky Clark Story

  1. In colleges and high schools around the country young men are suffering life threatening injuries that corporate media in all its greed, fail to mention.
    Yet the NCAA colleges refuse to pay football players etc. what they are worth on the field. Colleges make billions from the players and refuse to compensate fairly. In fact they are arrogant enough to penalize poor players for any kind of infraction regarding payouts or some reward for their hard work. And still many students suffer injuries that not only end their careers but end their college education and in some cases their lives.

  2. Marvin A. Smith

    It is high time that those of us who recognize the serious injustices relative to the way colleges and universities use our young men and young women for financial gain, as we do nothing more than reiterate the injustices without an accompanying offer of an appropriate resolution of these injustices. We must immediately come to a point in time when we should be regularly advancing ideas and solutions rather than continuing to state the injustices! Our young men and women must now bw paid for the use of their extraordinary athletic feats. We are much greater than we have shown ourselves to be!

  3. We all make choices in life, some come out good, and some don’t. However, we have to take the road that seem to offer us the most benefits at the time. I think most people choose those options that are best for them, and their family. Many African American youngsters don’t have many avenues to success as do many other ethnic or racial groups.

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