From Dr. Wilmer Leon: Free Rodney Stanberry


To read Dr. Boyce Watkins’ take on the case of Rodney K. Stanberry, please click here. 


A note from Dr. Wilmer Leon:

Greetings All,
Here is the clarion call!  As you know, I’ve been working with a very dear
friend of mine Dr. Artemesia Stanberry as she works to get her cousin Rodney
Stanberry out of prison. 
Go to for additional information as well.
Please go to my web site http://www.wilmerleon click on Listen Now and go to
two interviews on this issue. During the latest interview we were able to talk
with Rodney directly. Your calls and emails have actually had an impact.
There’s a new DA Ashley Rich who has put a new investigator, Mike Morgan (251)
574-6681  on the case.  New eyes, fresh perspective; hopefully more progress. 


Click to read more.


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