Rapper Jailed for Child Support, but the Baby Wasn’t Even His

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse universityScholarship in Action 

Hip Hop News 24-7 recently interviewed the rapper J-Kwon about his interesting child support situation. During an interview with Miss Georgia, J-Kwon informed listeners that he’d been paying $2,500 per month in child support for seven years for a child that was eventually determined to not be his.

The artist goes on to say that he was jailed for not making the child support payments, which derailed his entire career, killing his ability to earn income. He also said that when it was determined that he wasn’t the child’s father, the courts provided no remedies whatsoever for him to retrieve the tens of thousands of dollars he’d paid over a seven-year period.

J-Kwon is now saying that he plans to start a foundation for fathers who are having their rights violated by the child support system. I support his initiative, because many of us forget about the millions of fathers out there who are doing all they can to have access to their kids and trying to do the right thing, but are left alienated by deceptive mothers and a court system that would rather see a man in jail than with his own children.

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One response to “Rapper Jailed for Child Support, but the Baby Wasn’t Even His

  1. This is so sad that this young mans life was abused in such a manner with no regard of the repercussions and long-term effect that this would have on the lives of the child & J-Kwon. You can’t play with human lives like this. It’s more at stake than monetary value value that have been destroyed.

    She need to pay back all of this money, interest, and lost wages. More importantly do she know who the father of the child? This is why a DNA should be done at birth. You can always add your name to the birth certificate later.

    I wish J-Kwon nothing but the best, I respect him for trying to man up to his responsibilities, when so many other men run the other way.


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