Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are Part of Black History Too

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action 

It might surprise you to hear me say this, but I believe this statement to be fundamentally true: While most of us think of Black History as a celebration of black achievement and the recognition of meaningful historical figures, the reality is that the Tea Party Express, Sarah Palin and other peculiar figures in the Right Wing are a part of black history as well.

Black History is not just a collection of names, dates, places and faces. It also tells stories of triumph for people of color as we’ve worked to achieve equality in a society that was trained to hate us. In order for us to have heroes, there must sometimes be a deadly villain.

In the past, those villains have been the Ku Klux Klan, slave owners who didn’t want us to learn how to read, men like Bull Connor and even the federal government itself. As black people have had to fight for what is ours, we’ve often had to confront those who worked overtime to sabotage, distract or even kill our greatest heroes in the struggle for Civil Rights. The Tea Party and their associates, for right or wrong, are perceived by millions of African Americans to be a continuation of the legacy of Civil Rights villains who will be written about in Black History textbooks for many decades to come.

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9 responses to “Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are Part of Black History Too

  1. Otto Schwab

    Once again, blame the white man, when it’s people like this who stir up the hate. Did you forget it was southern Democrats who started the KKK? How about the left who always voted against civil rights, including Al Gore’s father? How about the military who battled for their black service brothers against segregation directed against members of their unit. There is nothing to suggest the tea-party, or Sarah Palin directed any hate such as you try to stir up here.

  2. Michael Morris

    I couldn’t tell if you used “Sarah Palin and the Tea Party” to grab attention or if you really believe or want African Americans to believe that there is some valid reason for animus against Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. If it is the later there was certainly no evidence presented as to why we should hold either in the same disregard as we do the KKK. Smooth move, throwing in the KKK while neglecting to say what few of our people know, that is there association with Democrats. I’d rather believe on a slow news day, the MSM is not the only ones to resort to guaranteed attention getting headlines. Dr. Watkins, I have great respect for you, but this piece is obviously meant to inflame our people, but the usual method, intimation with no support. Another smooth move, “for right or wrong, are perceived.” Nice way to deflect responsibility for what you didn’t say, but clearly implied.

  3. Kent Alstott

    “The Tea Party and their associates, for right or wrong, are perceived by millions of African Americans to be the continuation of civil rights villains.”

    The answer is for wrong. As somebody with a Ph. D you’re intelligent enough realize this, but your animosity towards whites drives you to write pieces like this. You’ll play it off as you simply echoing the beliefs of the Black community, but you’re helping to shape that belief that’s not based on a scintilla of truth.

    If there was any evidence then why didn’t you provide any? Why didn’t you support your assertions with some substance? This is hardly doctoral work.

  4. Scout

    Many African Americans are know the phenom of Drving While Black, but many of those same people accuse The Tea Partyof being racist for doing nothing more than Protesting While White.

  5. DJ

    I took a pledge not to comment or mention by name the former 1/2 term Governor of Alaska during the month of February.
    If my memory serves me correctly, was not there a Tea Party Express leader named Mark Williams ,who wrote a derogatory letter about the NAACP. This was during the height of the debate on whether the Tea Party harbored racists. Hmmm I’m sure that was good public relations for The Tea Party.

  6. Colleen Gray

    you suck at life, you dont know shit

  7. Colleen Gray

    too bad u suck at life and dont know shit about black history and the point of this article

  8. Colleen Gray

    yup, your dumb as shit

  9. js

    We all have been watching SP for two years now..I personally cannot call SP a racist for sure..However, when was the last time you saw a African American in her audience..Have you ever seen her discuss racial unity..or go to an inner city High school..She doesn’t have a diverse staff..She seem to live on Obama bashing with no original idea’s to make the country better for ALL people..just my opinion. oh yeah..the tea-party don’t seem to want unity for ALL people, just the chosen few.

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